Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Links To Articles Concerning Mortgage Fraud And Those Responsible

Stories from The Huffington Post concerning mortgage fraud and those responsible and their current actions.

Bryan Gardner Charged With 'Using' Treasury Secretary's Account To Pay Off Mortgage        

The Man Who May Bring the Banksters to Justice (If They Don't Break His Knees First)

Even those responsible to protect us, to defend us and to hold all accountable to the law equally under the same terms appear to be failing is it any wonder that crime is on the rise?

John O'Brien MA Registry of Deeds: AG Tom Miller Should Step Down

This is everyones problem from the top of the strata of the middle class to the lower end of same to the poor handicapped and mentally ill. If no one is taken to task for the crimes committed by corporations then a diatopian world evolves where corporations run everything to everyones detriment.

The Financial Thriller Continues... What Do the Numbers 753, 20, 138, 130 and 35 Tell Us?    

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