Sunday, August 28, 2011

From The Author: A Note On Yet Another New Blog----

In today's world the posting of yet another blog message to yet another blog is not new nor that fancy a way of getting a message to those of whom may be looking for the message you are delivering. That said I am looking forward to chronicling one of the most interesting and surreal trips down the legal road of todays’ US court system and I hope you may find within these messages something useful in your battle against Mortgage Fraud.

Mortgage Fraud a crime, in my humble opinion an absolute statement of disloyalty to your country short of treason its self, and agreed with by the F.B.I. in their assessment that Mortgage Fraud “According to a December 2005 press release from the FBI, that "mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in the United States"[1].

Hell the FBI warned in 2004 that if we didn’t get a handle on Mortgage Fraud the outcome could be dire at best. “2004, the FBI warned that mortgage fraud was becoming so rampant that the resulting "epidemic" of crimes could trigger a massive financial crisis.”[2] Wow pure prescient ability there. That the FBI was able to conclude that crime might have a negative impact on the world and the economy in general…ya think?

No matter how bad or wrongheaded you think the economy is and/or destructive it is, and you will not get any argument from me on the subject. It is the system we have to deal with now and pulling the plug on the patient before death is a no-no and crap like the mortgage fraud debacle is pulling the plug on what may be an ill patient (economy) but one that deserves to live and try and make up for its transgressions, say by putting the suckers, responsible, in jail and let the key get lost.

Please tune in as my other half and I take on corporate America in the form of TD Bank N.A. v. Twila A. Wolf. Tune in as we make a bank say uncle, ok, ok I can hope and work my little legal butt off can’t I?, Hopefully someone responsible for the crimes committed so far and the ones committed as the Banks attorneys try and hide their misdeeds will pay with some jail time.

1) and referenced at  2) FBI warns of mortgage fraud 'epidemic'". CNN.

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