Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mortgage Fraud, Banking Fraud, Servicing Fraud, Foreclosure Fraud & More ‘Oh my’: Or - How many times must we say the word “Fraud” before we believe, it is indeed, fraud.

Mortgage Fraud, Banking Fraud, Servicing Fraud, Foreclosure Fraud & More ‘Oh my’:
Or - How many times must we say the word “Fraud” before we believe, it is indeed, fraud.

I have always been one to see things in a simple but truthful way. Not that anyone is asking, but, for the sake of this article I thought I’d explain myself a bit. My policy has been, rather much as the old expression goes;
-“if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck well hells bells then; it must be a duck. What’s the argument?;” -
Of course this assessment is made barring the usual grafting, genetic manipulation, aliens and/or pure fiction etc, available in the world of this age.
I have discovered one must look more closely at things these days, as what you are observing may not be exactly what it appears to be, as many lie, anymore, to everyone around them, including themselves, for their own profit an/or personal agenda…… but….. I am fairly certain, from all accounts and media reports thus far, in this case; with the markets and Wall Street, folks, it’s a duck.
The problem is, as I see it, and there are many who would agree, of course there are those who would disagree in equal measure as well, that [this] problem is nothing more than the ancient discussion of human beings between themselves and their god, or lack thereof, concerning the course on which they must travel to being a moral person.
I’m not speaking of religious morality, although I do swing that way, to borrow an expression from the other side, and would promote it as a wonderful thing for all. No, I am speaking of that which only an openly idiotic fool would try and argue to the contraire. No matter who you are; No matter where you are from; No matter what religion you practice; No matter your color or race:
1.       Stealing is wrong.
2.      Lying is wrong.
3.      Cheating is wrong.
I further contend that any quibbling over or about these three things, as in whether or not there’s merit to a charge of any of the 3 said actions, or combinations thereof, as valid, are simply the behaviors of immoral people, whom, through the courts seek the vindication and the adjudication of an unlawful action or actions as moral and lawful by moral people so as to have something they can point to acquitting them, in theory and legal opinion, at least, of the convictions that lay heaped upon their hearts for their obviously immoral actions.
We are at an impasse in our country; we cannot continue in the direction we are heading in and the people are telling the leaders of this country that they will not take right being called wrong and vice a versa anymore. That they will not allow themselves to be taken to court for quote end quote ‘justice’ only to watch injustice be delivered instead.
We are at the crossroads folks. We must, as a whole, make a decision, as a country, on whether we want to be a lawful or an unlawful nation.
It really is as simple as that. We can continue to adjudicate in favor of the criminals, bankers, mortgage brokers, stock brokers, rating agencies etc… to the detriment of the law and the people, the law, is meant to serve; or, we can make a decision for the good and right thing to be done and tell these criminals to get their affairs in order; as they will be spending a lot of time in jail, being very sorry for their crimes, before anyone thinks of letting them out.
Either side, lawful and moral or immoral and unlawful, has all the right in the world to exist and prosper. I  just suggest we start telling the truth though, because I don’t care where you go; everyone hates a hypocrite.
As things stand now; America is a hypocrite, particularly when it comes to its citizens and the law being applied to all equally. I also state that this lawful immoral lawlessness and corresponding social and political misbehavior is exactly what has preceded every civil war, that has ever occurred in any country.
All I can say is good luck with the hope that all is over and done with. If it takes a civil war then maybe folks can finally see why it is that folks don’t want the government telling them whether or not they may have a weapon or what kind of weapon they may have either.
All I can say is good luck America.

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