Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hum the tune "Living In America" While You Read:

We have finally arrived at the end of the credit boom, lets hide the poverty, highway.
With America being ripped off by the corporations living here and making money from the population either we are truly idiots and lemmings meant for the fodder of the wealthies' wars, or, we are not.

Viewing these pictures one should hum "Living In America" till it hurts.


Arizona-has-decided-to-stop-paying-for-many-types-of-organ-transplants-for-people-enrolled-in-the-states-medicaid-program  Ever feel that YOU are the unwanted?





chicagos-budget-is-in-such-dire-straits-officials-are-toying-with-the-idea-of-setting-up-a-city-owned-casino-to-raise-cash  Boy all that moral hazard debate just went out the door didn't it?


Seems we have forgotten it is about all of us getting there or in the end none of us will get there.

due-to-budget-cuts-oakland-police-will-stop-responding-to-several-crimes-including-car-wrecks-grand-theft-and-burglary. As many jokes as one could make about this and those calling features in the auto-answer phone systems that apply here it's not funny so I will not.

I wonder how the Governments, state and federal, would feel having to hold a going out of business sale.

Except of course for the wealthy whom as usual get away, well till the crowd surges past their security gates, with paying nothing to enjoy the benefits of the greatest country in the world.



Of the dumbest things that has been done so far, this should come back to bite the wealthy quickly. As soon as the workers; that have been so broken by the system so far, and have no wheels because of it, who were using the bus system to get to their, might as well not be a job for all the bills it pays, job, now, truly have no way to get to work. Think of all the parties that are going to have to be canceled now and with the Holidays coming up and all *tisk* *tisk.*



New-Jersey-still-faces-a-10-billion-budget-deficit-this-year-even-after-cutting-1-billion-from-the-education-budget-and-laying-off-thousands-of-teachers. "We dun need no ed-ju-ma-cation" Yeah millionaires couldn't hear enough of that refrain....not so funny now huh?


Yeah who gives a F#^^ about them they're old and can't do squat lololol........... Wait....I'm gonna be old one day...hmmmmmmm

NYC-mayor-michael-bloomberg-has-closed-20-fire-departments-at-night-and-is-proposing-layoffs-in-every-single-city-agency. Give it to Mikey he'll try anything...


Philly-Baltimore-and-Sacramento-have-started-rolling-brownouts-shutting-down-city-fire-stations-on-a-rotating-basis. I think Areosmiths song "Eat The Rich" is called for now.


Damn stinking Nature doesn't make any money we need to get rid of all nature as too expensive to maintain and for no good purpose to anyone..........


See this is a good thing right? I mean if you are too stupid and uneducated, and that was someones plan for you; you can believe that, to see what is coming from the afore mentioned lack of education, then continue on least that way you will remain too stupid to know any better. So there should be no loud carrying on when they lead you into the gas chamber cause they don't like the brand of toothpaste you use.... Or you are not feasible anymore now that you don't earn your share.....


The-town-of-Prichard-Alabama-recently-stopped-sending-pension-checks-to-retirees-in-violation-of-state-law. Did someone forget to add the "and basic decency and socially proper behavior" part of that sentence? Is this how far we have come; that, the only way it counts, and thus the only reason we pay attention or harm is repaired, is if it breaks a law?

Today; people may call me crazy, they may call me mad, they may call me the fringe element, ....History will call me a genius and prescient.

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